How to spot and stop dropoffs in your user journey

March 21, 2024 | 11 AM EST Navigating the complex digital terrain, UX designers and product managers continuously face the challenge of optimizing user journeys to prevent drop-offs. This webinar, led by Adam Thomas, a seasoned strategist in product management and user experience, addresses this crucial aspect.

We will delve into three fundamental areas:

- User Engagement and Personalization: We'll explore strategies to enhance user engagement by creating personalized user journeys.
- Event Tracking and Feature Tagging: Understanding user behavior is vital. We will discuss the use of event tracking and feature tagging to gain insights into how users interact with your product.
- Effective Onboarding Techniques: The session will also cover innovative onboarding techniques. Effective onboarding is critical for user retention and reducing churn.
- Analyzing Dropoff Points: Learn how to use analytics tools to pinpoint exact dropoff locations in the user journey. Understand the importance of data in revealing user preferences and pain points.

You will have a clear understanding of these concepts and practical strategies to apply them, enhancing user engagement and reducing drop-offs.

About the speaker

Adam Thomas, an esteemed technologist and product expert, brings a unique blend of clarity and innovation to the field of product management. With over 15 years of experience leading product initiatives across various organizations, Adam has developed a keen understanding of the challenges and nuances in this domain. His expertise ranges from advising product development managers and teams on decision-making and strategy to tackling common issues in product management. Adam's approach is characterized by his ability to distill complex concepts into actionable insights, helping teams achieve clear, data-informed decisions. His work in public speaking and writing has further solidified his reputation as a thought leader in the tech and product community. Adam's latest venture, Survival Metrics, reflects his commitment to empowering product professionals with tools for success.

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