SaaS Growth and Funding in the Times of Downturn
- VC Perspective

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If you’re a SaaS founder, CEO or VP in 2022, and especially if you’re raising funding – you must be asking yourself these questions. Tune into the LIVE discussion panel recording with investors from top VCs to learn the answers.

Panellist Bios

Yazan Sehwail
Co-founder and CEO of

Co-founder and CEO of, a product growth platform for SaaS companies allowing them to improve conversion and reduce churn through in-app experiences. Userpilot closed a $4.8 million seed round of funding in August 2022, despite challenging market conditions.

Astasia Myers
Partner at Quiet Capital

Astasia is a Partner on Quiet Capital’s enterprise team leading investments in ML, data infrastructure, open-source, developer tools, and security. She focuses on pre-seed, seed, and Series A. Prior to joining Quiet, Astasia was an investor on Redpoint’s early stage enterprise team and Cisco Investments. She has partnered with Dremio, LaunchDarkly,,, Hex, Cohesity, Airbyte, Supabase, among others.

Ivan Bercovich
Partner at ScOp Ventures

Ivan spent ten years at Graphiq, a startup which was eventually acquired by Amazon. At Graphiq, he built one of the largest general knowledge graphs and developed natural language understanding and generation technology. The system his team developed powers the majority of Alexa’s open domain question understanding and answering. Ivan is a holistic product leader who has managed large teams (130+) comprised of software developers, product managers, and knowledge engineers. Ivan’s technical expertise is in structured data and conversational systems. He has also spent many years refining the human-in-the-loop model, pushing humans up the stack as ML techniques improve. He loves thinking and experimenting with management and organizational approaches to optimize product/ software development and foster innovation.

Roland Osborne
Investor at 500 Global. Cofounder -

Roland is a Principal at 500 Global investing in and advising companies for the global fund and San Francisco – based flagship accelerator program.

Prior to joining 500, he worked in the Balkans and South America advising startups, bringing his past experience as an operator and product leader to those regions. Roland is a serial entrepreneur having spent nearly 2 decades founding and leading product for companies in the web hosting, software development, and customer service spaces. His last venture which he co-founded was Olark which has transformed how over 12,000 businesses do sales and service online, creating many of the conventions used in the business chat space today.

Carrie Babcock
Investment Manager at Beringea

Carrie is responsible for sourcing and analysing new deals, due diligence on potential investments, managing deal execution processes, and monitoring and advising portfolio companies. She previously oversaw investments in logistics, security, education and agriculture at specialist seed funds Breed Reply and Mustard Seed. Prior to this, she began her career in corporate investigations firm Kroll. Carrie has lived and worked in the US and Europe and has an MBA from INSEAD and a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University.

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