Simplifying Product Usage Analytics

Every Tuesday, 10 am / 2 pm/ 4 pm GMT Product Usage Analytics has been traditionally viewed as hard to understand - but this webinar with Yazan Sehwail is about to change that! Learn how easy it can be to understand your user data in this short webinar, and start acting upon user behavior insights without a degree in data science! In this talk, you will learn:
  • What is product usage analytics?
  • Why do you need to track user behaviour? (understand the user journey -> measure goals, detect dropout -> activation, retention, expansion...etc across different segments)
  • Things to track: Identifying user/account attributes (name, email, web sessions, plan, role...etc) + Tracking user behaviour
  • 3 major user behaviour events: URL visited, mouse clicks/hovers, custom events (with metadata)
  • Simple framework to get started: 1) Set up your key goals & Measure completion -- (by Segment, time-frame, unique) --> overall health 2) Track feature usage (by Segment, time-frame, cumulative) {use clicks and custom events to define features) --> overall health 3) Funnel Analysis (by Segment, time-frame, unique) --> to understand activation 4) Cohort Analysis (by Segment, time-frame, unique) --> to understand retention
  • How to act on data

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