Deciding between Appcues or Userpilot?

There’s a reason why more than 98% of Userpilot customers renew their subscriptions. Find out why.

Here's The Breakdown

Feb 01 2021

"Brilliant and easy to use & excellent support"

What G2 reviews Say:

Reviewers say compared to Userpilot,

Appcues is:
Reviewers say compared to Appcues,
Userpilot is:

Try Userpilot and Take Your Product
Marketing to the Next Level

Appcues Prioritizes Design Over Actual Functionality,
Which Makes it a ... Prettier Experience


Appcues has only 1 available action and 4 UI patterns.

Userpilot Prioritizes Functionality and Customer
Success, Which Drives More Product Growth For Our Users

Userpilot has 4 actions and 5 UI patterns available in its flow builder.

Userpilot Offers Way More Value Even In Our Basic Plans

Would you like unlimited features in Userpilot?

Starting at $249

Or, limited features in Appcues

Starting at $249

Userpilot offers live chat and 3 Customer Success calls
in every plan, even in FREE trial!

How do I know it's the Right Product Growth Platform for Us?

Appcues is good for beginners who don’t want a ton of features, or teams that need more integrations and are willing to fork up $879 per month for their premium plans.
Userpilot is ideal for a product team that want to seriously maximize their in-app growth potential through sophisticated experiences and experiments.
It is also a better choice for teams with multiple team members and more than one product that want to use SSO, Multiple License Keys for each product, and Custom Roles and permissions for each team member!

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