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Customer experience examples are everywhere.

Provide a fast and helpful customer service experience

6. Educating users with in-app video tutorials for a great customer experience

Educating users is essential for customer success.

But if you don’t want to overwhelm customers with too many resources, you can improve the digital customer experience with onboarding videos and mini tutorials.

But your job doesn’t end there. You can still learn why the user is leaving, improve your product for the other users, and even reach out to ex-customers once the problem is fixed.

For this, you can trigger a cancellation flow when the user hits “cancel”. Ask what went wrong and offer multiple alternatives to churning (without making it hard to cancel).

It requires continuous development and iteration in order to kick off.

Hopefully, these customer experience examples were enough to inspire you to try some tactics.

So, why not try a Userpilot demo to apply these tactics easily and without coding?

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